We Will Find a Better Place

I'm Ethan. I live in Wisconsin, I'm 17 and I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my life. I like Pokémon, Minecraft, men, anime, Nine Inch Nails and too many other things to bother listing.


There’s this feud of a sorts that’s been going on in my town for god knows how many years. The north side thinks it’s better than the south. I personally think it’s rather funny and pointless to argue about, because both sides are equally crappy. But some people I know take this very seriously.

So I’m reading this book assigned to me for History. It goes very in-depth into the origins of Manitowoc, and is a rather good read.

From what I get, the north-south feud arose over WHERE TO PUT THE COURTHOUSE WHEN IT WAS BUILT IN THE MID 1800s.

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